What brought me here?




Ever since I can remember, I've been enchanted by the art of storytelling. During my tenure at various digital agencies, I wasn't just tasked with pitching - I reveled in it. There's something profoundly exhilarating about weaving a narrative, about capturing the essence of an idea and presenting it with finesse. To me, storytelling is a strategic dance, where choosing the right tale for the right audience at the perfect moment can spark connections, evoke emotions, and drive actions. This passion has always been more than a job; it's been the essence of my professional identity.

my place

After completing my Bachelor's in Computer Science, I transitioned into the world of digital marketing, leveraging my deep technical knowledge to gather experience within major network agencies such as OMD International and Dentsu.

In 2017 I co-founded Speedinvest Pirates and over the ensuing six years, I've built and led the growth team of the Speedinvest VC Platform, supporting portfolio companies to overcome their growth challenges faster and secure their next funding rounds. Fundraising support has been a major contributor to these successes. I have consulted numerous startups from Pre-Seed to Series A and reworked and redesigned their pitch decks. The companies I worked with successfully raised over €120m in the last year alone with my decks.

Coming from the investor side, I have a deep understanding of investor expectations and good connections in the space. And since starting Razorround startups outside the Speedinvest portfolio can benefit from this expertise as I equip them with the insights & support that help them resonate with potential investors.

Let's talk


I'm always to a chat about your current fundraising challenges and quick feedback for your deck.